> ATP 233: Nobody Cares But Me, But I Do Care

Let's Be Honest

Casey Liss: I had forgotten how persnickety and fickle MacOS is, when it comes to clamshell mode

Marco Arment: Oh Yeah.

Casey Liss: Coz there are lots of times that I'll put it to sleep and open it up and it's furious and doesn't wake up. I don't put it to sleep, just rip all the cables out and I walk away and it goes to sleep and then may or may not wake up

Marco Arment: [Laughing]

Casey Liss: Or I'll open the lid and I'll rip all the cables out then everything just dances all over the place and then it may or may not actually be the way I want it to be.

Casey Liss: It's [sigh] clamshell is not really what we should be doing with these things, which is unfortunate because I do like it when I have either a 5K as you have or a couple of 4Ks like I have.

Marco Arment: And I'll tell you what, as I've been using clamshell here on vacation, I completely agree.

Marco Arment: It's been a while since I've just used a laptop with a desktop screen. I used to do it all the time, it used to be my main set up but that was a good 6 or 7 years ago at least. I had forgotten quite how, just inconsistent a lot of this stuff is, it just doesn't work right.

Marco Arment: Now with the Touch Bar it's even worse, every time I log in the textbox wont show on the main screen

Casey Liss: [Laughing]

Marco Arment: I have to just start typing but the laptop is waiting for Touch ID but it's closed so on the big LG screen it shows me a log in window and it will NOT show the textarea unless you start typing.

Casey Liss: [Ugh]

Marco Arment: It's just weird little stuff like that.

Marco Arment: It's just not good, I'm really honestly rethinking my plan now of getting rid of my iMac early [and using a laptop full time].

Sounds like Linux, "Not coming out of sleep" really sounds like Linux.

Usually you only hear the good things about Apple, but it's a rare bit of honesty from the Apple crowd, and I really appreciate it.

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