I have a belief that root should be RO, and by root I basically mean /usr. I'll talk more about that another time, but I belive that the OS should be a seperate layer.

One of the first issues that occours with a RO root is that you can no longer install packages, package managers are typically designed to place files into /usr. There is however another option.

I beleve packages should be installed into $HOME, [freedesktop.org]https://www.freedesktop.org/) seems to have already thought about this, there specifications typically allow for $HOME overrides. So compatable DEs already have support for local packages.

Binary files should belong in $HOME/.local/bin (systemd-path user-binaries) this directory should also be in your $PATH, desktop entries should be in ${XDG_DATA_HOME:=$HOME/.local/share}/applications and icons in ${XDG_DATA_HOME:=$HOME/.local/share}/icons. There is even a place for systemd unit files in ${XDG_DATA_HOME:=$HOME/.local/share}/systemd/user/.

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