Velocity Takeover

One of the old Xbox 360 tools is Velocity, it's long been abandoned. And as such, some features no longer work. i.e. the Game Adder, it adds some data to your profile to say you have played that game before. Not that exciting, unless you mod gamerscore, and that is a rarity, especially in now.

I have ulterior motives for this, but I'll write about that another time.

The app is cpp, not a language I've ever used, sure, I could probably get the minium knowledge required to alter it. But then I'd have to release a build, and nobody would download it, while still complaining that it doesn't work.

So I can perform a takeover of the domain, it's exclusively used for background stuff, so I'm not going to be able to inject a new build. Luckily nobody else will either.

What I can do is fix the broken features. It's free software so I can see exactly what it want's in the responses. Now I don't have the original data, but I can use my own. Perfect.

One issue, GoDaddy wants £773.52+£16.10/yr. It's not even a good domain, they just put a price on it. So I'm not gonna buy it. At least not until 2020-10-23 when it expires. Instead I'll use a local dns redirect. Again, people will complain in the GitHub issues, and around the internet, but it's the best I can do.

Cj Malone on