Asda stores county wide

As some people have noticed last week I edit lots of Asda stores across the UK. I have been adding branch specific contact:website as well as brand data (brand=Asda brand:wikidata=Q297410 brand:wikipedia=en:Asda). The stores that didn't already have address data, now should have data provided by FHRS Open Data.

Across the way I've made some mistakes, when I started I was also adding brand social media (contact:facebook= contact:twitter=@asda). trigpoint pointed out this is wrong because some (most?) Asda branches have there own social media accounts that would be more accurate, and user agents can still get the brand accounts via wikidata.

Throughout this project I have been prioritising adding the the specific webpage rather than a generic homepage. This has multiple benefits.

While doing this I was careful not to use data from the Asda website, due to copyright concerns. So I ignored opening_hours and contact:phone, this data is valuable and I would love for it to be in OSM but I didn't want to compromise OSM. For addresses I used another source, FHRS Open Data, it is an amazing data set and in my opinion every OSM mapper in the UK should know about it. Using it in OSM has some awesome benefits.

Most of what I have been doing is related to tags and so "invisible", at least to rendering. However I did add some stores/petrol stations and fix several mistakes along the way, but there is still work to be done.

ASDA Brierley Hill

Deleting a bunch of car parks.

ASDA Brynmawr


ASDA Mansfield

Deleting duplicate stores. I also turned these 2 separate buildings into building:part and added a building outline.

ASDA Woking Sheerwater

Another 3D building but this time it wasn't even a supermarket.

ASDA Bexleyheath Crook Log

Traced buildings and car parks.

ASDA Bucknall


ASDA Hayes

Removing duplicate labels, in this case it was a separate node for a supermarket and a name on building.

ASDA Cheadle

I deleted a car park, moved a name to old_name, and improved tagging of a sub station. The mapper before used areas for the walkways instead of ways, so it looks a bit odd. But I think it's valid.

ASDA Stoneycroft

This one was a hairdressers, for 8 years.

During my edits last week I only added FHRS data to stores without address data. So there are still plenty Asda stores without fhrs:id. I plan to go back over the stores and add this, at some point I should also add them to the cafes and pharmacies in stores.

I picked Asda, probably mainly because it's at the top of the alphabet, but also because the wiki said we could use data from their website. I couldn't find a source for that and so I didn't use the data. However while doing this I tracked it down to domdomegg who provided me with a copy of the email that gives OSM permission to use the website data.

I now want to do a bulk programmatic edit of OSM going back over the stores that I manually linked and add opening hours and phone numbers to the stores without them. I wont do this to the amenity=fuel due to there opening hours being a little confusing, it seems to be for the little store/kiosk while some places have 24/7 card only pumps. I could also do it for alt_name to hopefully improve search.

Asda supermarket being: nwr["brand:wikidata"="Q297410"]["shop"="supermarket"]["contact:website"];

Asda Living being: nwr["brand:wikidata"="Q297410"]["name"="Asda Living"]["contact:website"];

I don't think I'm in favour of opening_hours:covid19 but I will use it and then at some point in the future when store opening hours have changed again I will propose another mass edit where I just update opening_hours and remove opening_hours:covid19.

This does mean that every Asda Living store gets a tag of opening_hours:covid19=Mo-Su off.

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