Status update, June 2020

A couple software developers I follow do this, so I'm gonna try it. I'm just going to write a bit about what I've done over the previous month. It might be awful, I'm trying to write more, so I'll just see who it goes.

I've managed to add the missing Costco stores in GB, most were already mapped but tagged wrong, without a shop tag or something. They now all have addresses, sourced from FHRS Open Data, links to there webpages, and this time I made more of an effort to map the car parks. One of the car parks is really new, but luckily Maxar Premium had it. Costco petrol stations aren't currently all mapped, but unfortunately I don't have a source for them that I can use.

I've gone over all the Heron Foods in OSM, where possible I've linked to FHRS Open Data and added the addresses. It turns out that Heron Foods is now owned by B&M, and operate some B&M stores. I don't know all the details yet, but once I do I'll push a patch for NSI.

I used MapRoulette to go over all shop=supermarket without a name tag in GB. I managed to add names to 136 of them, or 77%. It was surprisingly easy.

I probably did more, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. I'll try an do this again next month!

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