Status update, July 2020

And again I can't really remember what I've done this month. I need to start making notes, or do this more frequently.

I've mapped 100% of Grace's Bakery stores, on it's own not a massive achievement as only 1 wasn't, and there are only 6 in total. However I have added brand data, and add it to Wikidata so that more data consumers can use it. I've reached out to get permission to copy phone numbers from there website.

I've also trying to decouple Cooplands and Cooplands. There are actually 2 companies, COOPLANDS DIRECT LTD and COOPLAND & SON (SCARBOROUGH) LIMITED, that operate bakeries under the Cooplands fascia, and they are actually different brands too. Only one existed in NSI, so most OSM entries were attributed to that, even if it is wrong. Sometimes you can detect which is which via FHRS Open Data, so I've done that. Now I've reached out to them to see if I can get access to store data in improve there coverage in OSM.

One thing I picked up this month is the massive variety of OSM quality throughout the UK. Where I currently live (Isle of Wight) is incredibly well mapped, but there are places where the roads are barely finished. I'm aiming to focus some more time on mapping those areas with sources available to me.

I've done a bit of cleaning up for Primark stores, interestingly enough a far amount of there stores are listed in FHRS as exempt. There is no reason for them to be in that data set, they don't serve food, but since they do I took advantage and added address data where possible. There are still some issues, like duplicates existing and one mapped as a relation. But generally speaking I've managed to delete a bunch of duplicates and tidy up OSM data.

Over the last few days I've also been mapping a local holiday park, I aim to have each static caravan, cabin and camping pitch routable. I reached out to Talk-GB to confirm some tagging methods.

That's about it, I've been requesting more Open Data this month, but I've not got anything to say about that yet.

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