Status update, August 2020

And again I can't really remember what I've done this month. I need to start making notes, or do this more frequently.

Well I didn't do that, at all.

I've continued to reaching out to chain stores, requesting a list of stores. I've also reaching out to companies that are closing, or closing some of there stores, asking for details on those stores. Nothing too interesting to report yet.

I've continued adding a lot of local addresses, I'm travelling further afield now as the closer locations pretty well covered now. It's quite interesting which areas have residents that confront me, it's almost the inverse of what I think is expected. Council houses, flats and apartments are all fine and a joy to collect, but once the houses start having house names instead of numbers people to start asking me why you are walking down there road.

I've started sending some Freedom of Information requests! This is a new world for me, but seems to be going good, first was for public phone boxes and was successful. I'm now surveying them as well as the ones in OSM as the two lists differ quite a lot, and neither is accurate. My next request was for defibs, it still hasn't been responded to, but once they do I'll start surveying and documenting them.

Kai Michael Poppe (kmpoppe) has requested Harvester restaurant details, and they've asked him to send it via snail mail... Anyway while he's waiting on a reply I've been cleaning up the existing Harvesters and linking them to their website so if he gets permission to use the copyrighted information matching should be easy.

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