Advertise your address

All too often when I'm looking for an address I get frustrated. The sign has weathered, the font is illegible, colours have faded.

I'm not alone, most delivery drivers get vexed because they can't find a property. This leads to events like when they lie and say you weren't home. (Now this isn't the only cause, they also have unreal targets and unforgiving managers, but you can make their lives a little easier.)

Just because you know your address doesn't mean everyone else does! In fact it's probably the opposite, because you know your address you never read the sign or your brain subconsciously helps you understand it.

Publish it, shout it from the roof top!

Lots of delivery companies, including Amazon Logistics, use OpenStreetMap to help there drivers find your house. Is your address displayed?

It's not that hard to add or amend your address, simply make an note above your house with the address or any corrections and a local mapper will sort it. :)

If you want help adding your address yourself, or you just want me to do it, contact me, I'm happy to help.

Cj Malone on