Mapping Allotments

I've taken on the task of mapping allotments throughout Great Britain. I think there is a similarity between allotment users and OSM contributors, even if it's not immediately obvious. Allotments are quite often community owned or some form of cooperative, but even the commercially owned ones have roots back to the Diggers when private land was reclaimed for public good and food production.

I've been thinking more about the overlap between Open Data, Free Software and the common land lately. I'm starting to think it's all the same thing, a rebellion against private property and ownership. It's about common good, and helping your neighbour. It's about the future and your legacy. It's about leaving the world slightly better than you found it.

I've created a MapRoulette Challenge based on a subset of OS Open Greenspace. For some I can add little more than a rectangle with landuse=allotments, some I can see a few more details like paths and tracks. 1 2 3

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